Colophon to the Root Verses of Dakini Heart Essence (mKha 'gro thugs thig)
Collected Works of Dudjom, vol. 16, pg. 10.

This essential cycle of teachings
Is neither Kama nor Terma,
Much less Pure Vision or Oral Transmission.
It is the design of my conceptual undercurrents.

When the great drum of the all-ground buddha nature
Is exhorted by the drumstick of earnest endeavor,
The natural sound of Dharma which arises
Illustrates unborn sound-emptiness.

Although it is not certain that this method
Will accomplish the benefit of self and others,
If one has a mind of heartfelt firm conviction,
What certainty is there that it will not be accomplished?

Since there is no intention to deceive others,
Texts which accord with Dharma are free of fault.
As for the hope of pleasing foolish people
Or the fear of scholars' criticisms -- I have neither.

I, a crazy one with no hope or fear,
Have elucidated these instructions, not claiming they are or are not anything.
A few people who are free of doubt
May possibly attain the infallible result.

Thus I have spoken.
May it be virtuous!

(Source: Jnanasukha.org)

. H O M E . P A G E .