The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

That Swiftly Removes Obstacles and Fulfills All Wishes

by Dudjom Rinpoche

Emaho: O wonder!

O Guru Rinpoche! You are the compassion of all the buddhas in one,

Our only unfailing and constant refuge!

Quickly turn your love and attention to your sons and daughters and their prayers,

Inspire us with your blessings, empowerments and siddhis—here and now!

Although we know the example of your life, your qualities and kindness

Surpass those of any other buddha,

Yet in happy times, Guru, we do not remember you,

And our prayers are nothing more than so many meaningless words.

Now when the dark age’s intensifying decay oppresses us,

And unwanted suffering strikes us without warning,

Then we remember you, our protector, deep within our hearts.

Turn your loving attention to this anguished plea of ours, our cry for help:

Earthquakes, infernoes, hurricanes, drought, flood, and such—

Remove these outer obstacles, nature’s disruptions, externally!

All kinds of illness—of heat and cold, wind, bile and phlegm—

Remove these inner obstacles, physical disorders, internally!

The five poisons within our own minds: attachment and aggression, hope and fear—demonic forces,

Dissolve these secret obstacles, mental disturbances, into all-pervading space!

When immense suffering engulfs the world and beings,

Turn it into happiness and peace, O Guru Rinpoche!

When weapons of war threaten the whole face of the earth,

Turn back the armies that plunge this age into turmoil, O Guru Rinpoche!

When obscurations, malevolent spirits, diseases and epidemics plague us,

Wipe out all this sickness, O Guru Rinpoche!

When resources fail in the environment and amongst beings, bringing deprivation and suffering,

Reveal abundant food and riches, O Guru Rinpoche!

When the time comes to help beings with a wealth of hidden teachings and sacred objects,

Hand over the father’s treasure to his heirs, O Guru Rinpoche!

When roaming through mountain valleys, deserted places and hidden lands,

Lead us on the right path, O Guru Rinpoche!

When vicious wild animals attack us,

Drive off these ferocious creatures, O Guru Rinpoche!

When the four elements become unbalanced, and threaten us with catastrophe,

Harmonize the elements into their natural state, O Guru Rinpoche!

When thugs, bandits and robbers assault us,

Dispel the terror of such cruelty and greed, O Guru Rinpoche!

When armed aggressors and killers torment us,

Enclose us in a vajra-tent, O Guru Rinpoche!

When this life-span is exhausted and death comes,

Lead us to the Realm of Great Bliss, O Guru Rinpoche!

When the illusory experiences of the bardo arise as suffering,

Let the delusion be self-liberated, O Guru Rinpoche!

When we stray into the cycle of karmic existence,

Show us the path to liberation, O Guru Rinpoche!

Throughout this life, the next and the bardo state,

We have no-one to rely on but you, O Guru Rinpoche!

In short—rest your lotus feet in the hearts of us, your devoted followers,

Always, without ever separating,

Completely purify the suffering of impurity and delusion,

And inspire us, with your blessing, to reach the stronghold of everlasting happiness and peace!

This prayer is offered by Jikdral Yeshé Dorjé (Kyabjé Dudjom Rinpoche) for the peace and happiness of the world, at a time when we are all afflicted both physically and mentally by all kinds of outer and inner circumstances. For anyone who encounters this prayer, may it serve as the cause to eliminate all the outer and inner obstacles they face and accomplish their wishes and aspirations, just as they desire.

This appears in A Great Treasure of Blessings: A Book of Prayers to Guru Rinpoche, Rigpa, 2004.
From: Lotsawahouse.org

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