Beneficial Words For The Mind

Prayers by Dudjom Rinpoche

Incomparably kind, Glorious Teacher. Lord of Dharma!

To your lotus feet I bow my bliss chakra

And present excellent offerings

Before reciting these words to bring benefit to the mind.

There is no individual liberation without abandoning harm to others

There is no awakening of bodhicitta without compassion for others

One is not a practitioner of secret mantra without pure vision

There is no realization without destroying delusions.

To fall in one direction is not the View

To concentrate on an object is not meditation

To act in a hypocritical way is not action

The fruit does not ripen if one has attachments and hopes.

Refuge belongs to those who hold faith

The enlightened mind arises in those who have compassion

Realization, to those with wisdom

Blessings, to the devoted.

Those who know shame know what is to be abandoned

Those with renunciation will maintain a moral discipline

Those who maintain moral discipline keep samaya and proper conduct

Those who keep samaya and proper conduct achieve realization.

A peaceful and tamed mind is the sign of having listened to the teachings

A decrease in emotion is the sign of genuine meditation

A flexible mind, open-hearted toward all beings, is the sign of a real practitioner

A serene mind is the sign of genuine realization.

Mind is the source of the Dharma

If you tame your mind, you are a practitioner

If you are a real practitioner, your mind is tamed

When your mind is tamed, this is liberation.

Translation by Mike Dickman (Tersar.org)

. H O M E . P A G E .